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What is your ultimate life goal?

It might look different for each person, but ultimately, what it comes down to is HAPPINESS.
It’s a goal we all share, and our health & wellbeing is a vital part of it.

The happiness blueprint is all about using a holistic 7 principle approach to help individuals discover and understand what true and lasting happiness & inner peace looks like for them specifically, & how to implement it in everyday life.

Holistic Wellness



Offering a holistic approach to empowering a joy-filled life, we provide both detailed wellness-coaching plans & more generic wellness-co-ordination schedules depending on our clients individual wants & needs.
Using our blueprint as a foundation, we work with our clients to devise their individual program to enhance their life through changes in behaviours, beliefs and lifestyle, that

optimize happiness, alignment and balance.

Not sure if coaching is for you? Take advantage of our no-commitments required free empowerment session.

Online Fitness
Online Class


We offer a selection of online & in-person courses for you to choose the format that suits you best. 
Some of our courses include;

Focus Your Positive Frequency 
Develop Your Confidence & Self-esteem 
Master Effective Communication & Healthy Relationships 
Implementing Stress Management &  Mindful Living

Currently in the process of undergoing CPD accreditation, so you can be sure your receiving quality value from a reputable source.


Created with the intention of providing tangible ways to implement
 our blueprint in everyday life, all of our products are handmade or curated.

If you want to benefit from all that we have to offer, in one easy process, within a community of like-minded people then our membership was made with you in mind.

Benefit from priority & discounted access to all of our Retreats, Regular Coaching calls available, Course Access, a monthly gift,
PLUS regularly updated bonus content and connection with other members!


Girls Party


93% of our clients
scored us 5/5 stars.

Whilst the remaining 7% scored 4/5 stars.

Absolutely inspiring. Lot's covered, feeling refreshed. Ladies present everything with joy & love.

- Martha

Would you recommend
us to a friend?

For sure!

Had an amazing time! Lots of Interesting info coming from lovely people. Amazing sense of community & atmosphere from the happiness blueprint.

- Skye

Would you recommend
us to a friend?


Magical journey of personal growth.

- Corina

Would you recommend
us to a friend?

1000 %

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