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The Full Story

About Us

Here at the happiness blueprint we have come to notice and experience patterns that are common among the happiest people and nations globally.

With these observations we've devised a
'blueprint' to share with our audience with, in a range of wellness products, services, and resources, which all centre around simple and straightforward lifestyle changes that when implemented, help individuals to find their deepest sense of fulfilment and ultimately, wellbeing & happiness in their life.

"We're not telling you it will be easy. We're telling you it will be Worth It!"

A Common Goal

It might look a countless number of different ways for each person, but ultimately, HAPPINESS is what it all comes down to for human beings.
It’s a goal we all share, and our mental health is a vital part of it!

The happiness blueprint is all about using a holistic approach to help individuals discover and understand what true and lasting happiness & inner peace looks like for them specifically.
Through assisting the
 implementation of relevant practices and actions we help them to realize that happiness, serving to guide people to live their lives in a way that feels authentic to them, rather than to merely exist through life based on imposed expectations.

What is the ultimate life Goal?

I am responsible for my own happiness.png

The Mission

To support individuals to pursue a lifestyle that truly fulfils them, to enrich not only their own happiness, but also that of those around them whom they care deepest about.
Ultimately, helping everyone learn to 
live their best lives all-round. 

"Happiness is not a destination, it is a way of life," underpins the objectives of all our company's delivery.
Are you happy in your
everyday life, or waiting to get somewhere before you make it so?

A Supportive Hug

Choose Happiness as  your new way of life

It's no secret that lockdown has been tough for most of us! We've had to adapt to new ways and are coming out the other side into
a new way of life.

In the last year (2020/21) the UK dropped 5 places in the world happiness index, and there is an alarming increase of mental health problems in both the UK & globally.

As a company our desire is to target and lower these figures correlating to rising mental health challenges, and guide those who are merely 'getting through' their days towards a new way of life - one which is happiness.
Happiness is our birth-right and it is something that we must create on purpose, day in and day out. 

We're aware that some days this is harder than others, but that's why we're here - to support through and past those tougher days until they become less and less regular.

To find out more about the ways we help our clients to start 'living' their lives again, have a look a
the journey.

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